Monday, April 4, 2011

Road trip of 2011 - the American East Coast

OK so it's been awhile since my last post. I've just finished mid-term exams for my university studies so I've been pretty occupied. On top of that I work full time so it's hard to find time for this. Well I just finished my exam and me and M are celebrating a bit with the rum i got for my birthday about a week ago. We're spending this sunday night as so many before planning our next road trip. So I thought I'd fill you in on our plans so far. The dates in the list shows what city we're staying in that night.

June 20th - June 25th - New York. Staying at the place we stayed last time Chelsea International Hostel. Perfect location and affordable. 120 dollars a night for a private room with shared bathroom. If you're fine with sleeping in a dorm you get it even cheaper. In fact it's so popular they only let you stay a week at a maximum. They have a great court yard to hang out and once every week it's free pizza night. 

June 26th - Jersey Shore. Driving down to Seaside heights, shooting location for popular show Jersey shore. Might just get some G.T.L in. Of course we'll wear fresh t-shirts!

June 27th - June 28th - Philadelphia. Cheapest stay we could find within a reasonable distance Apple Hostels seemed just right for our budget. About 75 dollars a night was the cheapest we could found and gives us a semi private room in a mixed couple dorm. Independence hall and the liberty bell will Satisfy my lust for American history for sure!

June 29th - Gettysburg. Visiting the historic battlefield from the American civil war is a dream for me. M is more excited that she'll finally experience amish culture first hand as we'll pass through the ironically named city of Intercourse. Looking forward to that myself.

June 30th - July 1st - Washington D.C. Took us forever to find something affordable but after searching through numerous travel sites i found out that as long as you live near a metro station you're fine. Kalorama Guest House only set us back about 80 dollars a night which is the budget we set for an average night for two in the U.S. Also includes a continental breakfast. Perfect for exploring the nations capital.  

July 2nd. Gonna be a busy day. Traveling first to Colonial Williamsburg and then on to Historic Jamestowne for the first permanent english settlement in the U.S we're gonna put as much milage in as we possibly can for our next destination

July 3rd - July 4th - Charleston. Staying at what we believe is gonna be an awesome stay Notso Hostel a hippie-ish hostel for the price of about 70 dollars a night for a private room. Planning to celebrate our 3rd ever independence day on the beach in Charleston, hoping for some amazing fire works. 

July 5th - Savannah. Gonna perfect that southern accent!

July 6th - July 7th - Orlando. Last time we did Universal Studios. This time we're going for their flag ship Islands of Adventure

July 8th - July 11th - Somewhere in Florida. Floridas west coast. Might be a stop in Tampa, might not. This will be done for sure though! Swimming with Manatees

July 12th - July 13th - Sanibel Islands. After falling in love with a picture in our beloved travel guide we knew we needed to stay here. Seahorse cottages is the place where we'll sit back, have a barbecue and pretend we're locals. A studio set us back 110 dollars a night. Way over budget but hoping to save some on cheap motels along the way.

July 14th - Somewhere in south Florida. Guess we'll be grand where ever! 

July 15th -July 16th - Key West & Key Largo. Being denied for us due to hurricane Ike we're finally getting to one of those places i need to see before i die. Walking the foot steps of Hemmingway there is bound to be plenty of Papa Dobles and snorkling with dolphins!

July 17th - July 19th - Miami. Back to our beloved south beach we're staying at the same place we stayed last time. Riviere hotel which i cant seem to find a website for due to the fact they opened a luxury hotel with the same name is a awesome hotel in South Beach latino quarters located two blocks from the beach. Clean and affordable with comfy beds and a big flat screen TV. Somewhere around a 100 dollars a night. Beach in the morning, siesta in front of TV and then hit the nightlife with cheesy clubs and cheap cocktails. I'm in Miami b**ch!


  1. can you recommend cheap hotels in this route we are preparing to make road trips and we are using your ideas

    1. Depends on which towns you are planning to go to. The hotels linked in the text above where reasonably priced. In most cities you are looking at prices from 80 - 120 dollars a night for a doubleroom. You can save money on cheaper motels but they usually are located further from where you wanna be. Sites like and tripadvisor are useful tools. Make sure to read other visitirs reviews first if you go for the cheap ones.

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