Saturday, December 31, 2011

Eating roadside: Americas Top 5 diners!

Okay so I've always been a fan of the top 5 list format, or any list of any kind that ranks your favorite stuff in some order. Spending a lot of hours touring through europe back in the days it used to be one of the perfect ways to kill a few hours on those endless drives. So why not adapt it to my blog? Here goes, I give you (drum roll) Americas in my experience top 5 diners!

1. Santa Cruz Diner

This diner is the only diner I would consider planning a trip around to get to eat there again. It's open 24 hours, has an extensive menu with a great selection of vegetarian/vegan dishes and sports and a fantastic interior! It's like a dive bar turned diner and all your cool friends are there. Santa Cruz probably has a lot more to offer but I don't care. This is the sole reason for me to go there!

If the Santa cruz diner had the interior to be proud of Miami's 11th street diner has the exterior! Set in the trendy art deco area of south beach this Paramount Dining Car original is just gorgeous! Food is excellent as well even if it's your average diner menu. A perfect meal after a swim in the ocean!

These guys have a breakfast cocktail menu. These guys have a BREAKFAST COCKTAIL MENU! Off course they make my list. This diner decadence is located in hip Fremont and besides from having an all day cocktail menu they have everything that you would expect in a diner plus some! Go here after vintage shopping on Fremont street or before hitting one of the many clubs and dives in the area.

This authentic 50's diner already made it to my blog once before under the hidden gems segment that I hope to add to in the future. You can read all about it here. It's pretty much a trip back in time to a better place where no one knew of diabetes and atkins! It show's in their menus(portions are huge). Perfectly located on the drive between Los Angeles and Vegas. Check out Calico Ghost town while you are in the area.

This diner style cafe is located in the heart of the hippie mecca right on Haight street. Grab a seat at the counter and watch as they cook up a feast in front of your eyes. Your coffee will be constantly refilled by the friendly staff and you'll get much needed energy to explore on of Americas greatest cities. Watch out for lines on weekends during brunch. Better to be early!

Runner-ups that didn't make the list are any IHOP, Waffle house or Huddle house restaurants! Happy eating and please let me know which is your favorite diner!


  1. Glad to see Roxys made it!

  2. Roxy's was a given Timm! But nothing compares to be woken to a world cup game with a mimosa! Thanks for making our stay so awesome!