Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 2,3 & 4- New York

Right now we are sitting in the common room in our hostel eating salad from whole foods market. It's one of M's favorite places for food and they have an amazing selection of organic products, fresh fruit, pastries and anything you can think of food wise. You can find them in most bigger towns in the U.S. They also have a salad bar where you pick whatever you want and then pay for the weight. I had a big healthy salad so now I feel justified to pig out on chocolate crepes and strawberries. The last days have been amazing! We've been shopping and bar hopping 24/7 and we'll never grow sick of it!  So I'm gonna try my best to recap what's happend so far.

Tuesday started with us going on a shopping frenzy. We hit Sephora which is where M buys all her make up cause prices are really low compared to Sweden. I waited outside at first because it usually takes a good while but after getting bored I went in the store and ended up buying products for hundred dollars myself. We shopped our way down fifth avenue and finally went up with one of  M's best friends C, who lives in New York at Cafe Gitane. Cafe Gitane is a french/morrocan cafe in nolita which is what they call the area north of little Italy. The area has a trendy hipster feeling to it and I kinda like that. Food was amazing and not at all expensive.

We moved on to one of C's favorite bars Sweet and Vicious in the same area. They serve frozen margaritas in jars and they have a really neat indoor patio where we spent the afternoon. Later that night we went home to C in lower east side for Mojitos on her balcony. (updated with picture below)

After battling it out on Spotify we left for one of the trendiest bars in New York,  Le Bain! Located in the meat packing district on the 18th floor with a roof bar as well, Le Bain is an over the top experience with jacuzzis and an indoor swimming pool. We sat on the roof drinking cocktails and enjoying the Manhattan skyline and myself I ended up trying out the indoor pool while hundred of yuppies were dancing around the pool. Again i managed to let them now I work as a bartender in Sweden and at the end of the night they were serving us free beer.  Pictures might find it's way to this blog later on!(just updated)

The night ended at Jane Hotel which is a huge hotel/nightclub that reminds me a lot of Berns in Stockholm.

Next day we did more shopping and then headed back to Sweet and vicious for more margaritas! We then took a stroll down to china town and picked up some food to bring back to the hostel. Taxis are so cheap in New York compared to Stockholm so we took the luxury to get a cab ride all the way back. After eating and having a few beer at the hostel we took another taxi to a bar called Lucky strike.
C joined us after awhile and we did some bar hopping before taking a cab to the Lit Lounge. By now things were a little bit blurry but I do remember dancing to dub step in their basement. Another great night in the city! For now i have to hit the shower since we're leaving for a show in Williamsburg in an hour. I will probably write more about this when we get back to Sweden and add adresses and websites but for now I wanna see as much as i can while were here so look in in a few days again and I'll hopefully write some more. Tomorrow we are celebrating Swedish midsummer in battery bark! 

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  1. Låter som ni har kul. Och det var väl det som var meningen. Hoppas ni får en fortsatt bra semester.