Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New york day 1

Having my very first Starbuckscoffe in New York for this trip. The jet lag always make me wake up early the first week or so, so I'm on the mission to get coffee and some free wifi. We flew in yesterday with Finnair and their service was great! We finally got our vegetarian food(which we always order but never get with other airlines), seats next to each other and great friendly staff. We arrived at JFK 3:30 in the afternoon and decided to leg it to security as soon as we got off the plane. Good choice we realized because only a few minutes after we arrived in line the cue behind us got really packed. Security went really smooth and when we came out all our bags were lined up next to the conveyor belt ready to go. At least thats what we thought. I have these really ugly camouflage suitcases but I have them for a reason! My eyesight is not that good and I can still spot them as soon as they hit the belt. Mimmi however had bought a new bag on the last trip which is plain black and now three bags sat next to the belt in a small group. My 2 bags and a identical black one. Unfortunately we only learned this after arriving on manhattan when my phone rang. JFK handled it so good though! They sent a delivery car to pick up the bag we "stole" and switched it for our bag for the neat little sum of 45 dollars!

Only bad thing was we had to sit around the hostel for 4 hours waiting for it. When life gives you lemons what to do? We bought a crate of bud lime and sat in the patio at the hostel in the evening sun. we met a poor guy from Miami who had got arrested for drinking out of a bottle on the street outside the bar he was in. The poor little dude had to wait until a judge was available to get out. He ended up sharing a cell with 30 random weirdos for 2 nights until he got out and lost his phone and credit cards while in there. poor bastard. A reminder for people traveling here to take laws serious. It's nothing like europe.

After receiving the bag we were still in a party mood so we hit the village for one of those epic new york nights where you hit random bars and just see where the night takes you. We befriended some bartenders in some bar i can't even remember but they gave us some good spots to check out for the rest of the week. Nothing much to tell right now because now it's time to start exploring. For today a shopping frenzy on broad way is planned. In the words of the late Mr Marley "Sun is shining, living is easy!"


  1. NYC äger. Vilket hostel kraschar ni på?

  2. Det slutade ju bra med väskan. Dags att märka med glada färger?

    Glad you arrived safe! Take care!

  3. Chelsea International hostel. Andra gången här och vi är grymt nöjda!