Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday night beer sampling

OK i know this is supposed to be a blog about traveling but at the rate i'm posting entries at the time, I need to write about other stuff as well or this will be a short lived blog. I have a huge interest in beer! I work in a bar that usually have 50 - 80 different sorts of beer from all over the world and its my job to keep updated. It's a hard job but someones gotta do it. For tonights sample i've chosen 3 different beer. 2 swedes and a Scot.

OppigÄrds Spring Ale, 4,9 %
OppigÄrds is a swedish brewery from the swedish province Dalarna. They've won a lot of market lately and have some exciting products. This is the first time I try their spring ale and I have high hopes since we're bringing in some of their beer to my work place soon. I pour it up and right away I smell birch tree and a hint of fresh cut grass. I take a zip and close my eyes to try to pick up on the flavors and right away I have a Marcel Proust kind of moment. In a novel he describes how while having a piece of madeleine cake it brings him straight back to childhood memories. In the same way I get that essence of Swedish spring. For a country that experience winter for most of the year spring in Sweden is a wonderful thing. I start thinking of those childhood springs. The sun in your face and the world in bloom. I almost forget what I'm doing so one more zip and what first hits me is bitter hops. Not in excess but a well balanced flavor. It is rather weak in alcohol so it is a rather mild taste. I'm guessing American hops like cascade so I read the label to see what i can find out and it is as suspected an American hop, but not cascade as I first thought, it's Chinook. A hop described to have a distinct grapefruit flavor which after another zip becomes rather obvious as always when something is pointed out to you. All in all a great beer for a warm spring night rather mild in it's taste and I look forward to having it again.

Brew Dog Punk I.P.A, 6 %
This is not the first time i try this Scottish I.P.A. I.P.A's or India pale ales as they are called are really popular in Sweden at the time and American I.P.A's in particular. On the label they make a bold statement that this is not for the average consumer and they don't care if you like it or not and that you can go back to drinking your bland lagers. So with this rather threatening challenge I pour away. It has a nice bright amber color but as I lean in for the aroma I'm a bit disappointed. I smell barely nothing at all maybe a hint of citrus and apricots. The taste however is aggressive. Strong hoppy flavors with a good amount of alcohol to help them out. A rather long finish with hints of pine-needle. I can see that they have gone with the American concepts but in a typical British way it's still well balanced and not to out there. This is a good beer but it doesn't really live up to it's reputation. If aggressive I.P.A's are what you desire there are better alternatives on the market but having said that it is still worth trying out.

Spendrups Bright Brew, 5,0%
Spendrup is one of Sweden's biggest Breweries and up to about ten years ago Swedish lagers like the ones Spendrup market was pretty much what everyone drank. The bright brew is marketed as a GI beer as it is low in Carbons. Most beer lovers would probably look at this beer in discontent but i tell you this is a great beer! In the same way that Corona and Sol are the perfect vacation beers, this is a cheap alternative. It's light and fresh in aroma and taste with hints of citrus. This beer is not for a great taste experience but is a great refresher that works perfect with spicy food. Like it's mexican buddies this baby goes great with a slice of lime. For me and M this beer is synonymous with our trip planning nights and give us that feeling of being pool side Las Vegas with a Bud Lime in hand.

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