Thursday, March 3, 2011

A present from the past

One thing about me is that I love technology! Take me to an electronics shop and I'm like a kid in a candy store. This has led to an increasing amount of cool designer gadgets that were meant to improve our everyday life but are more likely to end up in the back of one of our over full cupboards in our 1 room apartment. How great isn't it then when something turns up that you just know will be used. M is a big fan of photography and a talented photographer, and I knew she missed using her old polaroid camera which we no longer can find film for. So imagine my joy when surfing on one of my favorite Swedish web shops Cool stuff finding this all new camera from Polaroid, the Polaroid 300. Nothing fancy like USB-connections or flash memory just your typical polaroid in a new design and with affordable film.

Now this was supposed to be a christmas present for M right? Well the reason I'm making an entry about it today is that it only arrived here two days ago. You see i wasn't the only one thinking this would be the ultimate x-mas gift so this baby sold out in all of Sweden in no time. Now I'm a stubborn guy and also lazy. If I have found what I think is the perfect gift I don't wanna have to go looking for something else. So i searched wide and far and finally found one at Amazon. Only problem is that Amazon doesn't ship electronics overseas to Sweden. At this point i was ready to give up when opportunity showed itself.

A friend of M lets call her C is studying in New York but was coming home to Stockholm for Christmas. I only had a few days to get it delivered so me and C got to work exchanging adress and all that stuff, and i also payed for two-day delivery. Problem is that I thought it worked like in Sweden that a package will reach a pickup point and you can pick it up whenever you want. Apparently that is not the case. Delivery is to your adress and can be anytime during the day. With C in final week of her school that just didn't work. So the package never came in time and C came home for christmas and I abandoned any hope of seeing the damn thing at all. Well much to our surprise when C went back for this semester  the package was still sitting right outside her door. So one expensive fed ex delivery it finally arrived here just in time for M's birthday. The test photo shows our pet the porcelain dog Strupsi we bought at a flee market in Berlin. That however... is a different story.

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