Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The journey is part of the goal

This will be my first blog entry in a blog about road trips, my one true passion in life. I'm a 31 year old Bartender living in Stockholm, Sweden with my wife M. The reason I'm writing in english instead of Swedish if anyone would wonder is because we've made some good friends and relations on our trips and I want this to be available for them as well. Also I'm hoping to get to know new people for trips to come and this is as good a way as any.

So far me and M have completed 4 road trips in the U.S in as many summers. We've visited 20 out of 50 states and on our last trip alone we went over 4000 miles. We've seen deserts, redwood forests, coasts, swamps and deserts. We've visited huge metropoles and sleepy southern villages. We live with our road trips all through the year and in our long cold(and dark) Swedish winters it is sometimes what keep us going. This year we are doing the east coast for a month. From New York in the north to Key West in the south. We started planning for this trip pretty much already on the last days of our last trip and it's become a hobby in our spare time to read up on what to see on our upcoming trips. The book in The top left corner has survived for all the road trips so far even if it's starting to fall apart. The guide that is called eyewitness guides in english is excellent to get a visual image of where you are going even if they cater a bit to an older target audience. Lonely planet is great for finding those not so obvious places and even make you want to see stuff you probably wouldn't see otherwise. Even though you can find all the information you need in abundance on the web nowadays theres still a certain feel to a travel book that I cant get from a computer.  For some reason my heart always beats a little bit faster whenever I hold one and i get an urge to possess it if I don't already have it.

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