Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 11, 12 & 13 - Washington D.C

Amish land was a blast,  even so we were psyched for our next stopped of the trip. The grand daddy, the big kahuna founded by the number one guy himself. The city I'm talking about is of course Washington D.C, founded and named after the very first president of the United States, president George Washington!

I might have told you so earlier but I'll tell you again. All our travels have turned me into a americanophile with an huge appetite for American history and nowhere will you find such an abundance of it as in D.C.

We arrived in D.C in the afternoon in the early afternoon and was immediately met up by the owner of Kalorama guest house(this place will get it's own entry in the future with contact information, for now google!), Jack who was standing on the porch. I cannot give this man justice in any way but this is just about the nicest man on this earth. Within a few minutes he had parked our car for us and checked us in, he then told us to grab some of the complimentary wine(!?) while he had to go bake cookies for us! We sat down on the beautiful front patio and was soon joined by a man from New Zeeland who had business with some senators and within a few minutes we were talking politics. This is something I recommend people not to do while traveling in general but in one of the centers of world politics it just comes naturally.

After chilling awhile on our very own balcony we hit town. After randomly walking down streets for about half an hour we tried the first promising bar we saw. The place was called the Big Hunt and this would be our favorite spot on the rest of the stay. A downstairs bar with an variety of beer on draft, an upstairs bar with a tiki-theme and and finally a great outdoor patio in the back. On of the best dive bars I've come across for sure.

We only had one full day for sightseeing so we made sure we made the most out of it. We started out with the white house and finally got that must have photo you see in the top of my entry. Then we strolled down constitution avenue and man was it a sight! An architecture that loans from greece and rome but with a modern touch worthy of a young republic in need of it's own symbols of power. For me the highlight was the national archives where we got to see the 3 most important documents in American history. The declaration of independence, the constitution and the bill of rights. One of them in particular, the declaration of independence had an huge impact on the rest of the world, with the famous words of Thomas Jefferson, "All men are created equal". Powerful words from a controversial man who himself owned slaves, later we visited the monument of the man who helped end slavery, president Abraham Lincoln. I can't or wont go into details of all monuments and places we visited that day but I think anyone who gets the chance should come see this.


  1. It looks as if you you are lucky finding nice places to stay.

    Safe ride!

  2. American politics:
    "All men are created equal",
    don´t forget,
    but as fast as they´re born
    the winner takes it all...

    Take care
    och hälsa Mimmi!