Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 17 & 18 - Orlando

After saying our farewells to Georgia we finally crossed the border to Florida. The main purpose of this trip was to get at least two weeks of that sweet Florida sun. Last year we did the west coast and how amazing that ever was we felt we needed more sun. So here we were. We stopped at the welcome center and as soon as we left the comfort of our air conditioned car the heat hit us full on blast! Perfect. As a tourist the one reason to come to Orlando is it's many amusement parks. Our mid was set on Universal Studios Islands Of Adventure. Since we only had one day we went all in and got the unlimited express pass to the park. It means that you get to stand in a shorter line for each ride. It was expensive but soooo worth it. By accident we stood in the wrong line at first and it takes forever to get to the ride. We just passed the whole line and waited no more then 5 minutes a ride. If you can afford it, do it!

I cant really retell the day cause when you are in one of these parks you just get carried away. What I can tell you is that we did every ride at least twice and I've never had so much fun in my life! The hulk roller coaster that we did 4 times is the most amazing terrible experience I have ever done! I even dislocated a rib in the ride but it was worth it.  The new Harry Potter world was also so much fun. The Dragon challenge was almost as horrifying as the Hulk and the Hogwarts ride was really really cool. We probably screamed more than anyone. A thunderstorm passed by mid day and left us soaking wet but after hiding in a pub for awhile and buying dry clothes in a souvenir shop we hit the rides one more time. If you have to pick one park in Orlando. Pick this!

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  1. Hej

    Låter som ni har fått en just så fantastisk semester som ni önskade.

    Klart vi kommer o hälsar på om ni bosätter er i Florida.


    pappa o mamma