Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 7, 8 & 9 - Jersey Shore, Atlantic City & Philadelphia

Taking forever to update here but I have to stress... Wifi in the U.S is with a few exceptions at best painfully slow! Having said that, let me put you up to date.

We left New York in the afternoon and however sad we were of leaving our favorite city and our beloved friend C behind it was actually kind of relaxing to leave the city. New York is a nonstop roller coaster ride and after ever so many rides sometimes you feel it's time to get off. We picked up our car, a white Jeep Patriot at Newark airport and it was love at first sight!

We started of by driving towards Seaside heights on the Jersey Shore as made famous by the show with the same name. I'm not gonna lie to you, the show is the main reason we went there. We managed to get lost on the way somehow so we spent a night in a place i think was called Toms River. Lucky enough we found a Holliday Inn nearby Jersey Shore and spent the night there. It's a medium priced hotel chain that looks the same wherever you are. On the plus side is that they have comfy beds, ice machines(which is great if you bring beer. Fill the bathroom sink with ice, water and beer and you are golden!) and wifi. However we were to far from the wifi router to actually be able to use it, hence no updates in the blog. Next day we hit the shores. The boardwalk was just as we imagined it and while we expected an orgy in tacky-ness we felt that we wanna spend some time here in the future. It was the perfect vacation resort! We even managed to squeeze in a dip in the ocean and it was fab! Since we had tp make it to Philly the same night we push on to Atlantic City. Again by pure luck we took a wrong turn, parked the car and somehow managed to end up next to the boardwalk. We only spent an hour tops but it was enough for us to realize we need to get back soon. What we thought would be a casino resort for old people turned out to be a Las vegas on the east coast... with a beach! How can you go wrong. 
We left reluctantly but in the car was born a new road trip. Both the Jersey shores and Atlantic deserves a better look. On the plus side that means another N.Y visit.

The same night we hit Philadelphia. We had no idea what to expect, but man were we blown away! Our hostel which i hope to review further when we get back(for now google Apple hotels) was probably the cleanest, nicest hostel I've ever seen. And it sits next to some of the best bars in Philly. Since a few days have passed I 'll only give you some highlights never mind the timeline.

On our very first night close to the hostel we found a bar called Kybers pass where we made friends with the bartender, Johnny. This would prove to be our water hole for the upcoming days. Much like my bar in Stockholm they specialize in a huge variety in beer. They also had a jukebox which we abused in any way we could. We spent a huge amount of time on South street were we among other things visited an amazing art project where a man single handed turned a backyard into a Gaudi-style art garden using random junk. 

Philly is gonna get a more serious blog entry later on but one of the finest moment was me getting my hands on a veggie Philly cheese steak! By the way, Philly has some of the best vegetarian food I've ever encountered

Next up is Amish country!

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